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  • Bi Lv Chun wine is as beautiful as spring

    "Bi Lv Chun" trademark was recognized as a famous trademark in Anhui Province

    The "Bi Lv Chun" brand Chinese Liquor uses two kinds of raw materials: Northeast pure high-quality sorghum, and medium and high temperature nuggets made from wheat, barley, and peas as fermentation agents for two-wheel fermentation. The construction of the cellar pond is made of old cellar mud from the old factory in 1958, and it is built into small cellar ponds. The cellar ponds are protected by the most advanced high-quality biological strains in China to make the cellar cells richer in bacteria.

  • Bi Lv Chun wine

    Bi Lv Chun wine is as beautiful as spring

    Our leading products include "High-end, Medium-end, Low-end", "High-degree, Medium-degree, Low-degree" "Bilvchun" brand Chinese Liquor, Wheat gluten, Wheat starch, Edible alcohol, Granular protein Feedstuff, anhydrous alcohol, Corn DDGS and so on.

  • AnHui Bi Lv Chun Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

    AnHui Bi Lv Chun Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is located in Fine Chemical Industry Park of Lai'an County, with a fixed asset of CNY 600 million, an area of 200,000 square meters and a sales revenue in 2019 of over CNY 1 billion. 

    There are Wheat gluten, starch, Edible alcohol, Chinese Liquor production plants and professional laboratories, etc., which are equipped with various modern production equipment and...

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    AnHui Bi Lv Chun Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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